Child Adoption

How To Adopt A Child

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Adopt A ChildBefore you start pursuing your dream of adopting any child, you should learn if you are qualified to do this, or not. Not everyone can apply to adopt a child and succeed. You have to pass through a series of evaluations by the relevant authorities. Adopting a child is increasingly seen as the way out for couples that are unable to sire their own children, for whatever reason. Prior to applying to adopt any child, you should ask yourself if you are truly prepared to bring a new child into your family and raise the kid as yours. Once adopted, the child is legally, fully, and permanently yours to raise and care for properly.

Who Is Eligible to Adopt A Child?

You have to open your home for what is essentially called a home study. Here, you will receive a visit from a social worker or an agency. You should not feel discouraged because of your marital status. Whether you are single or married, you can adopt a child. Regardless of your income, the law also gives you the permission to apply to adopt a child. Your age will not also disqualify you from applying for adoption of a child. It is important to understand that your sexual orientation does not exempt or disqualify you from sending your application for adopting a child. If you are a disabled individual, you should not feel dissuaded from seeking to adopt a kid.

However, before you start the process, you should check on the following:

  • Laws of the country from which you would love to adopt a child. Pay close attention to the restrictions and requirements that the country in question says about families that would love to adopt children.
  • What the faith-based agencies have to say about families that are interested in adopting the little ones. Such agencies usually have a number of specific requirements for anyone or a family that intends to adopt children. Familiarize yourself with these requirements.

Where Do I Find A Child To Adopt?

You have several options in terms of where to go when you want to adopt a child, which include the following:

a)      Foster care homes

b)      Government bodies in other states and jurisdictions

c)      Using the services of an adoption attorney or licensed private agency

d)      Finding children for adoption from other countries

The Department of Child and Family Services is responsible for all children who are under foster care. Therefore, your application will be through this department, whether it is at the state or county level. The state or the county is usually in contract with some local public and private adoption agencies, whose services you can use to simplify an otherwise complicated process.

In the US, if you have to adopt a child from a different state or jurisdiction, you will have to do it with the guidance of the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC). This ensures that the states can work together to regulate the placement and movement of children from one state to the other.

ICPC exempts the children of Indian descent from it’s regulations. However, to adopt children of Indian descent, you will have to do it through the Indian Child Welfare Act. Military families can also adopt children regardless of whether they are, as long as they use the laws governing such process of their original state as it appears on their records.

Basic Steps in Adopting A Child

The following indicate the basic steps that you will go through to adopt a child in the US.

a)      Decide that you want to adopt a child. Once you make this decision, you will then have to contact the local adoption agency, and afterwards you will be required to be present at at an orientation meeting.

b)      Apply to adopt the child. This is the second step in the process of child adoption. Here, you will finalize the requisite training to ensure that you are familiar with the entire process. You will receive assistance with feeling the application forms.

c)      Be prepared for the home study. This is a very important part of the child adoption process. The caseworker handling your application will visit you at your home. During the visit, the caseworker will evaluate the level if your preparedness to adopt a new child.

d)      Receive approval to adopt. Here, you should be ready to undergo intense background checks. If you hid any important records from the caseworker when making your application, this could harm your chances. Your home study is also finalized at this stage.

e)      Get ready to be matched with a child. Here, the needs of the child will then be matched with your family to see if there is any level of compatibility.

f)        Receive an adoptive placement.

g)      Legalize the adoption.

In conclusion, the child adoption process is not easy. On the other hand, it is not as complex as many people think, if you do it through experienced, licensed, and very helpful child adoption agencies.